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"i get it, i’ve seen this movie three times climate change is real, it’s here, it’s going to happen again."

- NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, 10.31.12  - More Quotes Please!t


In light of recent weather events, most notably hurricane Sandy on October 29th, 2012, and since it is now an unfortunate fact that "bad storms are happening with increasing frequency and each one is more lethal than the last", especially in our area (where else in the world can you have a hurricane and a blizzard nine days apart?!? - Only in NY, and in Westchester particularly), we felt that not only we had to offer this service once again, but it would just make sense to focus our efforts in helping our neighbors. But why should you hire us  over the competition?

We take care of the whole thing for you; there is a whole lot of coordinating that is often underestimated with the process of installing a whole house generator. But there's something else that often gets overlooked: The Big Picture. We look at your entire home not only to provide you with all the energy you need when power from the grid goes out, but we will also make recommendation on how you can reduce your power consumption in the first place. And that will most likely result in a smaller, more fuel efficient generator (still powering the whole house), but also smaller monthly utility bills when the grid power is on. Also, a smaller generator uses less gas when power does go out (the average 20KW generator will use 25 to 30 gallons a day, which translate to $75 per day if you have an attractive rate at $2.50 per gallon). But we are not only talking about smaller electrical bills here, but all energy bills by working or upgrading other mechanicals in your home. Improved indoor air quality may also be another fringe benefit if converting from oil to gas. Please see our clients testimonials below for their experience.

So here's just a partial list of what's involved and what we will  take care of for you:
- All the permits application filing and fees. We will need a copy of your certified of your most recent land survey. Please not that your building inspector may require a new and updated survey if too old to his like.
- Propane tank sizing, purchasing, delivery, site location, installation, hook ups. Fencing, hardscaping and/or landscaping if installed above ground. We do recommend underground tank installation whenever possible. We take care of that as well. Underground installation often requires some hardscaping and/or landscaping.- Generator and transfer switch sizing, purchasing, delivery, site location, concrete pad pouring, and finally site installation.
- All electrical hook ups, new and alterations, interior and exterior, to your existing electrical panel or subpanels.
- All gas hook ups, new and alterations, interior and exterior, to your existing gas lines. Perhaps we will suggest to rough-in new gas lines for future gas appliances. Also includes coordinating the supply and installation of the gas pressure regulator. If LP (liquid propane), we can also provide you with a very attractive gas rate from our favorite propane supplier, right now around $2.50 per gallon.


Clients Comments:

"Hi Sylvain. Just wanted to let you know we lost power last night as crews worked on a fallen tree in our neighborhood. Our generator worked perfectly and kept us warm and powered up - it's good to have it, thank you!"

- Becky Mildenhall, Chappaqua, NY. 01.07.14


"Mr. Côté, Just a long overdue note of thanks for the work your company provided in the installation of our backup generator. That doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary now, five years later, but at the time, we had no idea how beneficial that installation would be. The best part was your wonderful advice to bury a 1000 gallon propane tank. Your crew made the job seem effortless.

Little did we know that in the following years we would be visited by hurricanes, ice storms, blizzard, a microburst (whatever that is!) and subsequent power outages lasting two weeks at a time. Our house generator has seen us through it all. Within seconds, lights are on, refrigerators are humming, heat is running and computers function as if nothing had happened.

Hurricane Sandy reminded us though that a generator is only as effective as its fuel supply. When others ran out, we were in good shape. The neighbors in our little cul-de-sac along with friends, have come to rely on it too! They know there is a hot shower, coffee and a recharging station at their disposal. One neighbor even runs an extension cord to his home. We are happy to share the resulting peace of mind.

I also want to add that we had already received pricing for a generator, installation and tank from Northeast Generator before we called you. Their price was nearly twice as high!  So thankful for your helpfulness. We have in turn given your name to our neighbors and trust they will be just as happy as we are. Sincerely,"

- Deborah Orifici, Waccabuc, NY.  01.14.13

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