The Stone Chimney

From the mantel up, the extra 15 foot chimney extension (necessary for the additional floor) was built entirely from stones taken from the facade of the house, as well as back side if the house.

The Exposed Rafters

Ten of the twelve existing laminated main rafters from the original home were removed carefully an reused for the new roof.

The Porch Ceiling & The Roof Eaves

The front porch ceiling/roofing and the exposed roof eaves were built from lumber originally found on the existing home vaulted ceiling/roof sheathing.

The Beams

Some are hand-scraped, some are re-milled.
All are structural and believed to be approximately 200 years-old.

The Mantels

There are a total of 6 mantels throughout the home.
Four of them are featured here.


The Flooring

Re-milled hickory, chestnut, mixed soft wood, all random width, each of the 3 levels of the home highlighting one specie.

The Barn Doors

The MP room (multi purposed room) is hidden behind those thick, heavy yet surprisingly smooth, sliding, handsome barn doors made of re-milled pine

The Wainscoting

You guessed it - This is also made of the same re-milled pine...

   The Ex-Armoire Vanity

As the name suggests, our vanity was modified from a discarded armoire found on a street curb. The mirror cabinet was built around an old discarded cabinet door as well.  The "over the john" piece was made from left-over antique pine flooring.

The Guest Bath Vanity
This custom vanity was once a humble abandoned dresser;  Its wood countertop was removed and replaced with a stone top, matching the adjacent shower.  Part of the old countertop was modified and used to frame the new mirror.  An old wooden window shutter was found in a basement in NYC and used as a shelf over the window, without a single modification.
The Hall's Bath Cabinetry

This one was made "from scratch";  In-house conception and design. Entirely made from left-over antique flooring. - Yes, right from the surplus hickory, therefore providing a perfect match with the floor.
Note the absence of doors for more efficient storage...


The Master Bath Cabinetry

Very similar concept as the one described above, but for a much less demanding crowd, mom & dad.
This vanity is made of leftover Chestnut.  So were the two mirrors frames.
Note again the absence of doors for more efficient storage...

The Bed Platform

Again, born form leftover antique chestnut, like the vanity.
An amazing amount of storage is hidden below the mattress...Without the dust!

The Dining Table
Inspired by drawings of no other than Gustav Stickley, this eight foot long hickory table comfortably sits eight people.  Let's give credit to our two European cabinet makers, Milan and Rafal.  Entirely made from leftover hickory flooring, finished with a light stain and tung oil.
   The Bar
This bar, in our opinion, is simply the ultimate bar.
Built form 200 year-old barn pine, 2 1/2" thick limestone countertop with rock-faced edge;  It is fully equipped.  More importantly, local beers is on tap by Westchester's own Captain Lawrence brewery.


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