"trash is simply unwanted materials in the wrong place at the wrong time."

- Sylvain Côté, Absolute Green Homes.  More Quotes Please!



   The Old Barn...Becomes New Again

The failing structure was 200 years old. It was located nearby in Goldens Bridge, another neighboring hamlet of our town of Lewisboro.
We gave it a new life, right in the spotlight.

   The New Kitchen Cabinets...

...will be made with already reclaimed sheathing from part of The Beach House roof, the exterior walls and the entire attic floor.
Shown here is our current door sample (which will be refined).

   The New Patio...

...is partly made of recycled concrete which came from the discarded basement slab. It was broken up in small enough pieces to be used as part of the aggregate (shown in the foreground).

   Reused As Is

Some of the building materials that were already here, like these vintage pull down attic stairs, were removed and reinstalled.
The entire wood floor was carefully removed and wrapped up for further reinstallation.

   Much Is Being Recycled

Some items were recycled for a profit.
Others we had to pay a fee, something we were more than willing to do for proper disposal - And a new life somewhere.

   Salvaged, For Sale, Sold

These window sashes shown here, are still looking for a new home; Would you have a use for them?
View the several other items that have sold.
View the few others items that are still for sale.

   Responsible Manufacturers

Just a handful building products companies are finally and smartly accepting their own left over materials, reusing and reprocessing the otherwise trash. Kleer, maker of exterior trim boards and now decking as well, is one of those leading manufacturers. They kindly provided us with this large recycle bin shown here. Everything free of charge.



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When Less Is More  
Reclaimed, Recycled, Re-used...
Amazing what you can do with 'trash'.
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