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"in the future, green will be just another color."

- Thumb, October 2010.  More Quotes Please!


Collecting Rainwater from Roofs
04.16.17. by OnTheHouse. At the Absolute Green Home in South Salem, N.Y. (which won the “Best Renovation of the Year Award” in 2015 from Green Builder® Media), when it comes to rainwater collection, the owners have their neighbors over a barrel. Literally.

Bob Vila

Step Inside a 1930s Beach House Revamped for the 21st Century
09.20.16. by Donna Boyle Schwartz. A beautiful weekend home uses sustainable building practices to earn Energy Star and LEED Platinum certifications; features an energy-efficient, thoroughly modern heating and cooling system.

Polymer Roofs Help Keep Homes and Yards Green
08.04.16. by Kathy Ziprik. Before you select the next roof for your home project, consider what the roof can actually "do" for your clients. The selection of an impact- and fire-resistant polymer roof can help safeguard their home and have other unique benefits for the environment.

DaVinci Roofscapes Polymer Roof Tiles

Collect Your "April Showers"
04.01.16. by DaVinci Roofscapes. When it comes to rain water collection, the owners of the Absolute Green Home have their neighbors over a barrel. Literally. There are four rain water collection barrels dangling from key roof slopes on the beautiful home in South Salem, New York. Each barrel encourages water to slide gently into it from the Bellaforté Slate roof via a chain.

The Beach House Wins An Award!
01.23.16  by Sylvain Côté. Green Builder® Media, the leading media company in North America focusing on green building and sustainable living, recently announced the winners of its 8th Annual Green Home of the Year Awards.
The Beach House won Best Renovation Of The Year.


Green & Cozy: Renovated Lakefront Cottage
08.25.15. by Bill Cary. Builder and designer Sylvain Côté has taken a rundown early 1930s beach house on Lake Truesdale and turned it into a stylish showpiece of environmental efficiency and good design. The green bona fides include Energy Star and platinum-level LEED certification and a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating of 30.
- Lots of pictures here! I counted 33 of them.

More Beach House Highlights
03.10.15. by Natalie Wightman. The Beach House project we have been working on over the last two years is now complete. Below are highlights of the finished spaces with more details provided on our website. 
Look for our next newsletter in the spring featuring the outdoor transformation.


From Plain Jane To Knockout
06.07.14. by Karen Croke.  A modest cottage has been remade into an elegant, environmentally friendly beach house. For more than two years, Sylvain Côté has been painstakingly rethinking, redesigning and rebuilding a beach cottage on the shores of Lake Truesdale.
The online version sports a different headline than the one above...Otherwise same article.

Beach House Dreams Come True
March & April 2014 Issue. by Elyse Cooper, Roofing Magazine.
Smart Roofing Selection Helps A New York House Beach Lofty Sustainability Goals.  If you are using a mobile device, for some reasons, the spread may not display properly. Please try again with your desktop!
Nice quotes here and overall an informative article. Gotta love the two page spread!


The Beach House Update: Exploring The Main Floor
03.20.14. by Natalie Wightman. As you might already know, The Beach House is now officially LEED Platinum Certified. But since we're firm believers in this quote "if it's not beautiful, it's not sustainable", the past few months we've been busy making sure we're just that - beautiful.
The last newsletter we explored the upper floor; this time around we are featuring the main floor.
In a few weeks, we will be showcasing the wine cellar and the lower level.

It's Official: The Beach House is LEED Platinum Certified
03.06.14. by Natalie Wightman.. Yes, we received the designation several weeks ago already. But since we're firm believers in this quote "if it's not beautiful, it's not sustainable", the past few months we've been busy making sure we're just that - beautiful.  This week's pictures feature the upper floor.

DaVinci Roofscapes Polymer Roof Tiles

DaVinci Black Slate Polymer Roof Helps Keep Home Green
01.07.14. by Kathy Ziprik. The transformation of a 1932 beach home in South Salem, N.Y. has neighbors green with envy. That’s because the renovation project has resulted in a home that has earned three key “green” designations: ENERGY STAR® Certified Home, LEED Platinum Certified Home and Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Certified Home.
Seeing Green: Environmentally Sound Home Design Gains Momentum  
Seeing Green: Environmentally Sound Home Design Gains Momentum
08.18.13. by Karen Roberts. Green Houses - Our project is featured in this online article. The printed version (Sunday August 18th) is even nicer, showing the house as the cover photo, as you can see here with our thumbnail.
A couple of my quotes here are not quite exactly what I said, but overall a great article.
Green sustainable retrofit zero energy home press Westchester NY More Beach House Details
06.13.13. by Natalie Wightman. "Careful design eliminates wasted space and maximizes function."  This quote is taken from a must-read article we recently came across; it discusses the superior advantages of today's thoughtful design in smaller homes.  The piece seemed as if it was written about The Beach House since this is the exact same approach we have taken in our design.

Paraco LP Gas Green Builder Spotlight: Absolute Green Homes
Green Builder Spotlight: Absolute Green Homes
01.21.13. by Lisa Sperow. "He's creating environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, healthy living spaces for his homeowners. And - consistent with commitment to quality and his ability to see the big picture - he hasn't forgotten one other important thing: beauty. A quote on his website sums up his philosophy on this perfectly: 'If it's not beautiful, it's not sustainable.' "
- Apologies, this story can no longer be found.
Westchester NY hardscape, landscape design masonry contractor stone wall, columns, pavers Belgium block apron
Interior and Exterior Close Up Details
11.20.12. by Natalie Wightman. We have made great strides to both the interior and exterior spaces of The Beach House since our last update. Following are some fantastic up-close pictures of the many intricate details we have incorporated into the design of our Zero Energy home.


Two Homes Get A Friendly Makeover
06.01.12. by Karen Croke. Green Houses - Two local, but very different, homes get an environmentally friendly makeover. When most homeowners think of green houses, the immediate projects that come to mind are solar panels and environmentally conscious materials.
Very nice, very brief story. Interesting choices of pictures.
Thank you Karen Croke and The Journal News!
   One Year Anniversary
04.27.12. by Natalie Wightman. Last week marked the one year anniversary that construction on The Beach House began. As a freelance writer for this project I have observed first hand the tremendous amount of time and care that has been placed into the top to bottom transformation of this home. Far from an ordinary renovation the amount of thought and detail that have been part of this project is truly remarkable. #7.
Propane Energy Update — April 2012
04.26.12. Propane offers flexibility for green construction;.
Training Profile: How Propane Offers Flexibility for Green Construction
A New York retrofit project relies heavily on propane for energy efficiency and a cleaner environmental profile.
Read more on this story from this newsletter published monthly by the Propane Education & Research Council.
The Front, Part II
02.21.12. by Natalie Wightman. The Beach House has been progressing well over the last few months and we are in the final phases of the mechanicals.
The retrofit also just passed two crucial inspections last week marking an important step toward the project's completion. #6.
Everything Old Is New Again
December 2011. by Christina Koch . "Sylvain Côté, owner of South Salem, N.Y.-based Absolute Green Homes, has mastered the art of deconstruction and found ways to use reclaimed materials in unique ways. He has created furniture, wine cellars, vanities and other handcrafted pieces from discarded items as mundane as 2 by 4s. He currently is retrofitting a New York house with a zero-energy goal while using reclaimed materials to make the home distinctive."
- Apologies, this story can no longer be found.
Master Suite Sneak Preview
12.16.11. by Natalie Wightman. Over the last several months our mason has been recreating the first floor stone fireplace and building a new fireplace extending through to the second floor master suite. #5.
Roofing, Solar Nearing Completion
10.11.11. by Natalie Wightman. The Beach House project has been progressing over the last few months with the roofing tile installation completed. You could probably compare the roof of your home to the hair on your head - one of the first things your eye is drawn to. #4.
Reclaimed, Recycled, Re-used...
09.01.11. by Natalie Wightman. It is amazing what can be done with trash. We have gathered materials from the Beach House itself and its surrounding areas, materials that would have normally been discarded as trash, are instead being creatively utilized. #3.
The Back, Lake Side
08.03.11. by Natalie Wightman. Over the past two weeks our crews have been busy working on the lake side of The Beach House . The transformation of this area will allow a tremendous amount of natural light into the home and create a dramatic outdoor entertaining area. #2.
The Front, Street Side
07.14.11. by Natalie Wightman. Welcome to the Absolute Green Homes bi-monthly newsletter. In this publication we will take you on our journey through one of our largest and most exciting projects yet. 1st Newsletter.

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The First Press Release
10.11.10. The new owner residing here at 14 Gilbert Street (known as The Beach House in this neighborhood), is reaching for LEED Platinum certification by USGBC for achievement in green homebuilding and design.


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When Less Is More  
Reclaimed, Recycled, Re-used...
Amazing what you can do with 'trash'.
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