"if it's not beautiful, it's not sustainable."

- Architect Lance Hosey, Author of The Shape Of Green.  More Quotes Please!





Westchester platinum LEED certified home design architect renovation.






Westchester stone pillars columns custom garage wood doors.



Westchester stone pillars columns used Belgian blocks cobblestone



Full residential home green energy retrofit 3D design ideas tips, Westchester NY..



As Proposed.


June 13, 2013:
Gutters, rain barrels are now in place.
The only thing missing are the snow guards.

The roof features 50 years warranty DaVinci Roofscapes Bellaforte synthetic slate roofing tile, Westchester NY





November 19, 2012:
Exterior lighting and hardscaping
are mostly done.
Front yard landscaping has begun.


April 25, 2012:
All siding and most of the stone work
on the exterior walls is now completed.

DaVinci Roofscapes Bellaforte synthetic slate roofing tile, Westchester NY





February 20, 2012:
The new garage doors are installed, the siding is completed on the upper level, and the stone work at the walls bottom tier has begun.


January 25, 2012:
The outside trim on the doors and windows is completed.
The doors are stained.
Siding has begun..

Full residential home retrofit in progress, Westchester NY.


Dow rigid board insulation. Westchester NY.

December 13, 2011:
The solar installation is now completed!
We are now producing electricity. It is a beautiful sight to watch the electrical meter spinning wheel going backwards!
You can't see the 5kw PV installation? They are on the far right side, on both roof planes. The Sunslates, a solar roofing tiles system by Atlantis Energy Systems, a local NY company, blend almost seamlessly with the 
Bellaforte synthetic roofing tiles by DaVinci Roofscapes on the remainder of the roof. This hybrid system includes thermal components concealed under the slates and assist in producing most of the domestic hot water needs  year-round.


November 10, 2011:
The windows installation is completed.
So is the entry door and side doors.
PV solar shingles installation to begin tomorrow.





October 11, 2011:
The synthetic slate roof shingles (Bellaforte by DaVinci Roofscapes) is nearly completed.
The exterior walls have been covered with rigid board (1").


September 16, 2011:
The new stone chimney is completed.
Roof shingles (you can see just a few of them on the left) has begun.




August 25, 2011:
The foil-faced rigid foam board has been covered by yet another layer of plywood (1/2") and a second "Peel & Stick" roofing membrane has been installed  once again. The fascia (white board trim around roof  by Kleer) installation is completed.


July 11, 2011:
Foil-faced 1" thick rigid foam board installation is completed.
Fascia  installation has begun (you can see a few white pieces on the right).





une 24, 2011:
Rough framing is completed (except for the lake side), and the "Peel & Stick" roofing membrane is installed.


May 14, 2011:
working from the top down,
the roof framing, its plywood (3/4") and the second floor new windows configuration is completed.

Framing on a rebuild is done in reverse, from top to bottom...





pril 29, 2011:
Three existing dormers are being enlarged and two new ones are being added, two weeks after receiving our building permit.


April 20, 2011:





ummer 2010:
As purchased.


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