"shouldn't all the rooms be living?"

- Ann Sacks   More Quotes Please!


P L E A S E      S E L E C T     F R O M      T H E    D I F F E R E N T    R O O M S   O R    A R E A S


-  T H E    E X T E R I O R S

The Front & The Front Yard
The Back &The Backyard


-  T H E    U P P E R    F L O O R

The Master Bedroom
The upper level features a master suite with a two-sided gas fireplace. Too hot for the fireplace you say? No problem, just open the doors and make a direct connection with the outdoors. The entire wall completely opens to the outside.
The Master Bathroom
The master bath features a soaking tub and a large shower. Also with lake views. And again the entire wall completely opens to the outside.
The Hallway Bath
This bathroom is very similar to the original one in terms of dimensions, location and layout, with the exception of a shower in lieu of a bathtub.

The cabinetry was designed and fabricated in-house, just like all the cabinetry for the master suite, the laundry area, the three bedrooms, and the whole house for that matter.

All our wood was reclaimed from an old local barn.

The Laundry Area
Laundry where it belongs: on the same floor with the bathrooms and the bedrooms. But don't worry, these appliances are virtually silent. And no vibrations either.

And of course extremely water and energy efficient.


-  T H E    M A I N    F L O O R

The Kitchen
Enjoy watching the chef cooking and the view all at once. No need to choose one over the other.
Perhaps an industry first: fully integrated, perfectly matching appliances and cabinetry stainless steel pulls.
   The Mudroom
Once part of the den, this area by the front door is somewhat spacious but more importantly, incredibly  functional.

You'll find much coat-hanging space behind the custom six flipper doors. And there's much more storage space inside the six drawers and finally inside the six woven seagrass baskets above.
Did we mention the full-length built-in seat?

The Entrance, The Stairs & The Gallery
This view here is featuring wood that perhaps would have normally been discarded as trash.

The antique wood beams and posts were reclaimed from an old local barn. The flooring is antique reclaimed fir, originally serving as floor framing members of an old Brooklyn factory. On the upstairs walls, you'll find natural earth plaster. Downstairs walls features shiplap paneling.

The Wood-Burning Stone Fireplace
The main level also features a redesigned and rebuilt wood-burning stone fireplace. The new 'model' is now two-sided, or see-through fireplace. Double the fun - and the people enjoying the same fire.
The Half Bath
Perhaps the best room reflecting our theme, this bathroom features a salvaged vintage ship light fixture, a porthole mirror, a wall-mounted faucet and a stone vessel, and a custom, open shelf 'vanity' that we also designed and fabricated.

Did we mention the shiplap paneling with our own crackle paint finish?

   The Lounge Area
This one was a bit challenging due to the restricted available space, but we think you'll agree with the results. This area now accommodates an office area, a unique custom lounge, and finally 'la piece de resistance', the bar that 'spills' outside. This is an indoor/outdoor bar, all at once.


-  T H E    L O W E R   L E V E L
(aka The Basement)

   The Built-Ins Shelves
The odd shape cinder block chimney foundation is now clad with a mix of fieldstones and reclaimed cedar. Instead of making the odd shape more square, we saw an opportunity to take advantage of its unorthodox form. The opposite side is featuring an electric fireplace and a large screen TV, to be photographed soon.
The Wine Cellar
True story: while the beach house was at an early stage of construction, someone knocked on the door offering us vintage cedar!
We weren't sure what to do with the wood originally, but here's about half of what the pile became: an impressive, naturally cooled, passive wine cellar.
No artificial refrigeration required.



The Beach House Photos
There's nothing like 'before & after' pictures.
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