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-  T H E    M A I N    F L O O R


The Kitchen
Custom Craftsman cabinetry can be found in several rooms and areas throughout this entirely remodeled home.

Two notable details include a custom range hood and one-of-a-kind dog gate in the peninsula.


The Breakfast Nook
This bright corner, formerly an office area off of the kitchen, has been transformed into a sun-drenched breakfast nook.
The simple but sturdy table consists of a large piece of soapstone atop two square paneled columns.
The Mini Office Area
Still in the kitchen, a multipurpose desk creates a central area for paying bills and answering emails.
Open shelving above the desk accommodates the DVD player and LCD TV, visible from both the breakfast nook and the kitchen.
Mission details such as planking, panels and brackets are utilized to add character to this authentic Craftsman piece.
The Mud Room
Once a closet, this corner by the front door is a beautiful take on the everyday mudroom.
Ideal for a busy family, this seating space is complete with hooks, a shelf for hats and storage below.
The Powder Room
It's all about the doors; This half bath used to face the kitchen (not so good...).

Slightly reconfigured, this new bath now features a pocket door and a large storage closet with double doors.



-  T H E    S E C O N D    F L O O R


   The Master Bath

It was a very difficult task for the photographer to capture beauty of this bathroom due to its size and somewhat odd shape.
For the home owners, nothing could be more convenient and practical.

   The Laundry Area

"I LOVE that we can do laundry upstairs. Your idea to put the laundry upstairs was brilliant!
Being a new mom, it has been a dream."

   The Hallway Bath

This bathroom was not originally included in the scope of work, but the clients certainly made the right call by having it completely gutted and rebuilt, surely saving themselves much future pain.



-  T H E    'B A S E M E N T'


   The Lower Level

A typical dark, damp and wet basement has been completely transformed in prime living space.



CLIENT: Ian & Gina Smith
- On the main floor:
Enlarge the kitchen without an addition; Open it to the dining area, along with a new breakfast nook area, a mini office area, and a reconfigured foyer area with built-in seating. Remodel the powder room.
Remove all cast iron radiators, incl. repairing the wood floors.
- On the second floor:
Create a master bathroom, along with new storage space and closets. Relocate the laundry from the basement to the bedrooms level, where it belongs.  Renovate the hall bath, incl relocation of the toilet. Remove all cast iron radiators
, incl. repairing the wood floors.
- On the lower level:
What was once a dark, damp and way too often wet basement is now prime living space with an office and an additional 1/2 bathroom.  The existing concrete slab was removed, dirt was excavated for additional headroom, a drainage system was installed, the existing posts and brick column were replaced as well as some of the beams.  The stairway to the basement were not only replaced, but also reconfigured.  Existing windows were enlarged, all of this despite a two-foot-thick stone foundations over 100 years old.
- Last but not least:
The project also included extensive structural work, a new high efficiency sealed combustion gas boiler, central air conditioning via a high-velocity system (virtually eliminating large duct trunks that steals valuable spaces from closets), blown wet foam closed cell insulation through out the renovated areas, all new plumbing and electrical throughout the entire home, and finally hydronic radiant heat floors throughout the kitchen and the entire first floor, the basement, and the master bathroom as well.
The cabinetry is factory direct; Fill out this inquiry form for a link to the manufacturer web site.
PROJECT DESIGNER and/or ARCHITECT:  Sylvain Côté, Peter Bowden

STARTING DATE:  April 2006
COMPLETION DATE:  January 2007
CLIENT COMMENTS:  From Gina, 08.01.07:  "I wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciate all you have done to our house.  You not only made it a better looking house, but the house is more functional in every aspect! Your idea to put the laundry upstairs was brilliant! Being a new mom, it has been a dream.  We are also still so grateful for the way you do basements.
We are the only house on our street that didn't get water from the last big storm (04.15.07).  Our neighbors had 8 inches and we had NOTHING.. We can't thank you enough for that.  Your work was done with the highest quality, but also with great style. Thanks Sylvain!"

From Gina, 10.24.07:  "It is hard to say what my favorite part is because ALL of it is my favorite part. The house is sooooo nice and easy to live in now.  Totally functional.  I love how we have our own master bath now.  I LOVE that we can do laundry upstairs.  I love the whole kitchen. I especially love the recycling drawer, dog area and all our new appliances.  I love the instant hot water!  The basement is just fantastic! Everything about it.  I am really glad we used that tile instead of wood.  We get a lot of compliments on it."

From Gina, 10.30.07:  "I forgot to mention the AMAZING light in the basement. I can't believe I didn't mention that when that is one the biggest enjoyments."

From Gina, 01.18.09: “Working with Sylvain is like working with a quality builder and an artist. We did a big renovation on our 1920's home. He did a gut renovation on our basement. It is not only beautiful, but he built a great drainage system so that it would never flood. Big rains in our area will surely cause flooding in most of the homes. We do not have that problem anymore. We renovated our kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. Walls, windows and even bathrooms were moved. His work was done with the highest quality, but also with a great sense of style. We are proud of what he did for us and would definitely use him again.”

From Gina, 03.18.10: "Hi Sylvain, I have been meaning to email you to, again, thank you for the amazing job you did on our basement! after the terrible storm last weekend, se STILL had NO water. I have been hearing horrible flooding stories and it reminded me again of the quality job that you did. thank you!"

*Price based on similar existing conditions, building supplies, square footage and other various factors and therefore subject to change.


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