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 (but don't worry if it's not the case, we can fix it!) - Sylvain Côté, Absolute Green Homes  More Quotes Please!  


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  Curb Appeal - New Stone Wall

New retaining stone wall, flat dry stack style with invisible mortar for the frontage of the home and and both side of main stairs. Scope of work includes demolition and disposal of the existing cinder block retaining wall, appropriate and invisible drainage.


Curb Appeal - Stucco Repairs, New Windows

The poorly design 70s addition was lacking curb appeal, the stucco was deteriorating, the windows and the wood trim was rotting. After careful consideration, it was decided in the design stage to add new shed roofs over the new windows. In addition, 4 new custom built wood brackets were installed, matching existing brackets found on the house.

  The Backyard Lounge

Midway through the steep sloped backyard, about midway when you're walking down to the lake, you'll find this little oasis, providing a little rest and a unique 180 degrees view of the lake. The only problem is, you may not want to leave.

  The Outdoor Fireplace & Pizza Oven

This patio is showcasing an outdoor wood burning fireplace as well as a wood fired pizza oven - all in one! Needless to say, this is where all the action is during the summer months for these homeowners and their guests.

The Stone Built-In Grill

Done with portable little propane tank that run out of the middle of the party! Welcome the all stainless steel built-in grill.

  Curb Appeal - New Matching Doors

For the garage, in addition to a new custom wood door, minor stone work and a new concrete slab were required. For the house, in addition to a new custom wood door, new flagstones, bluestone treads & caps were provided. The results are a completely transformed curb appeal for this Larchmont home.

  The Stone Pillars & Driveway Apron

Talk about curb appeal. The cliché is so true:
“You only have one chance to make a first impression. This one has it all. Stone pillars. Stone columns. Stone walls. Used Belgian blocks & cobblestones, with cement but without the grout.

  The Fire Table

The focal point of the backyard. The conversation maker. The most relaxing gathering spot. No matter how you call it, it's hard to leave that place.

  The Beach House Grill

No more portable little propane tank that run out of that precious fuel in the middle of the party. That is the first thing I think of when I see a built-in grill. But in reality, that is just the beginning.

  The Concrete Tile Patio

Each tile were fabricated on site using crushed concrete slab and leftover material, which was then poured into a mold. We installed all of them right on grade, without any gravel or grout between them, enabling water to move quickly and efficiently. Not to mention no issues with unsightly cracks that inevitably occurs with other conventional methods.

  The Indoor Outdoor Bar

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Hard to tell where the outside ends and the inside begins. Bring the outdoors in and the inside outside. Seamless transition. Enough said!

The Stone Chimney

Repair or actually in this completely redesign and rebuild existing brick chimney to a more appealing stone chimney.
  The Fire Pit

Replacing the high maintenance wood deck with a permanent solution in a natural stone patio was a no brainer. Adding a natural stone fire pit was brilliant, providing a new focal point and much more.

The Grand Entrance

Ok, it is not so "grand", but when you compare the new door with the old one, we think you'll agree with our headline....

  Rye Lower Level

A complete rebuild in a home almost 100 years of age.  One of our most dramatic makeover ever.  A full description of the scope of work will be necessary to fully appreciate this one.
In the meantime, let the dozens of before & after pictures speak for themselves.

Mount Kisco Lower Level

A lower level involving  almost as much exterior work.

   Larchmont Stone Wall

A complete front yard makeover.  Too bad we did not take a "before" picture.  Hopefully, the homeowners can provide us with one, so you too can appreciate the difference...

   White Plains Siding, deck

Complete exterior renovation - Windows, deck, siding and more...
Curb appeal is the word - Must see before pictures to fully appreciate the difference...

Chappaqua Deck, Patio, Stone Wall

Complete backyard overhaul...
Leave it to the pictures to do the talking!

Peter Pratt's Restaurant

This classy restaurant is actually below grade.  The 60 years old chipping paint floor, an eyesore, was crying for help;  The owners are absolutely ecstatic with the new life the floor just received...

Scarsdale Project   Scarsdale Driveway

Complete front yard landscaping makeover - Enlarge existing driveway from one to two car wide.  More prominently is the retaining Connecticut dry stone wall featuring the most natural looking, flagstone top friendly stairs...  All without cement...

Chappaqua Deck   Chappaqua Deck

Replace and enlarge deck; replace two French doors -- Build an all new, larger [900 sq. ft.] multi-levels wood deck with two stairway and notched corners; decking at 45 angle; deck to be stained two different colors.  

Lewisboro deck   Lewisboro Deck

New deck, French door & window -- An all new larger [450 sq. ft.] wood deck with two stairway and notched corners; decking at 45 angle; deck stained two different colors. You must look at the 'before' picture to fully appreciate the difference! 

Driveway work   driveway Improvement

Complete driveway rehab -- Enlarge existing driveway from approximately 1500   to 2300 sq. ft.; Provide continuous drain at end of driveway...  Also included: retaining "stone drywall", Belgian blocks at the perimeters, cobblestone for the "apron", item 4, blacktop.

Manhattan backyard    

Manhattan Backyard

This 20' x 50' garden was muddy, had poor water drainage and had bags of bricks, stones, concrete, you name it.  It is now a nicely designed restful and entertaining place, both at night and day time.

Outdoor Whirlpool  
Outdoor Whirlpool

This little luxury along with the custom 8' tall private fence surrounding it makes for a nice way to end the day all year around!

Wood deck  
Wood Deck

This deck was not to code and just about to fall! Almost complete gutting was necessary to salvage it.

Historic Restoration  
Historic Restoration

This "old house" received a complete exterior facelift. Visit this one!


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