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   Contemporary Wine Cellar
This award winning naturally cooled wine cellar was part of our most modern, most elaborate lower level project ever.
Reclaimed Cedar Wine Cellar
True story: while the beach house was at an early stage of construction, someone knocked on the door offering us vintage cedar!
We weren't sure what to do with the wood originally, but here's about half of what the pile became: an impressive, naturally cooled, passive wine cellar.
No artificial refrigeration required.
   Vins From Vintage Cellar
"What a great wine cellar! It looks like you used old wine boxes to box in the ducts; and what kind of wood did you use for the shelves? It looks like something that's recycled....What about creative and beautiful ways to reuse materials"
Mahogany Wine Cellar
Completely custom built from scratch.  No racks, no kits. No refrigeration needed either.
Solid, real mahogany.
A Cool Closet

Our wine cellar are also very versatile;  Every diagonal dividers are removable, making room for display or simply a larger compartment.  You can also place the dividers left or right, enabling you to create all kind of geometrical shapes, making it interesting to the eye, as shown.

An Inviting Room

And after feasting your eyes, it is time to take care of business, your palate.

Date With The Grape

Our first date.  We'll never forget her.  She taught us a few simple lessons.


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