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The Beach House Hallway Vanity

This open-shelf vanity, mirror and the two shallow wall cabinets with antique glass were designed and fabricated in-house, just like all the cabinetry for this whole-house project.
The wood is White Oak and was reclaimed from an old local barn.  All 5 drawers are soft-close and of course ultra smooth.

   Double The Fun
Also an open-shelf vanity and part of the same project above, and is located - you guessed it - in the master suite.
The wood is a combination of White Oak and Doug Fir. Note the ceiling custom lighting, to match the vanity.
The Beach House Half-Bath Vanity

Perhaps the best room reflecting our nautical/maritime theme for this project, this bath features a salvaged vintage ship light fixture and a porthole mirror.

Contemporary Cozy Vanity

Yes, modern and contemporary can also be cozy. This is a 'straight up' bath remodel is featuring an in-house custom design and built, solid walnut vanity and countertop, providing a perfect fit with the new kitchen.

Vanity, Bench, Mirrors & Make Up Desk

This six pieces ensemble is made of solid red oak wood.
In-house conception & design matching existing bedroom set.

The Cherry Vanity

As the name suggest, this one is made from solid cherry wood.  Includes a matching tub apron & two mirrors.
In-house conception, design and fabrication.

Vanity Not Vain

One of the smallest item of over six same style built-ins for this large lower level.

The Craftsman Vanity

Craftsman style cabinetry and matching framed mirrors completes this everything-custom bathroom.

In-house conception, design and fabrication.

Shown in stained quarter-sawn oak.

The Chestnut Cabinetry

This one was made "from scratch";  In-house conception and design. Entirely made from left-over antique hickory flooring. - Yes, right from the surplus.
So were the two mirrors frames.

Note the absence of doors - only drawers - for more efficient storage...

       The Hickory Cabinetry

Also made "from scratch", and again from left-over antique flooring, therefore providing a perfect match with the bath floor.
Note again the absence of doors - only drawers - for more efficient storage.

      The Ex-Armoire Vanity

As the name suggests, our vanity was modified from a discarded armoire found on a street curb. The mirror cabinet was built around an old discarded cabinet door as well.  The "over the john" piece was made from left-over antique pine flooring.

The Furniture Style Vanity
This custom vanity was once a humble and abandoned dresser; its wood countertop was removed and replaced with a stone top, matching the adjacent shower.  Part of the old countertop was modified and used to frame the new mirror.  An old wooden window shutter was found in a basement in NYC and used as a shelf over the window, without a single modification.



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