Westchester curb appeal matching entry, custom garage doors






Westchester curb appeal facelift custom wood entry front door






Westchester curb appeal new custom wood entry front door






Westchester curb appeal facelift new custom wood garage door







Westchester curb facelift new custom design wood garage door


- the details -

Westchester curb appeal standing seams copper garage roof

The standing seams copper roof, along with the half-round gutters,
instantly brings timeless elements to our design.


Westchester garage curb appeal half round gutter and lighting

Lighting is the most underrated - and underuse - architectural element of efficient design.
We used 4 small LED lights centered over the four mahogany panels, enhancing them at night.
The lights can be controlled by a phone app.


Westchester curb appeal facelift garage door antique glass

This new 'antique' glass also matches the new glass of the new front entry door as well,
further accentuating their newlyfound compatibility.


Westchester curb appeal facelift garage door custom bracket

And finally, the custom brackets, providing the final element of this 'marriage'
between the front entry and the garage door.


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Dan & Jennifer Hecht
Larchmont, Westchester, NY
Sylvain Côté, Absolute Green Homes, Inc
Sylvain Côté, Randall Brown
Randall Brown
September 2015
October 2015



There are very few things more inviting, more welcoming than a nice, real wood front door. And since the garage door is several time larger than the front door, and particularly if the garage doors faces the street, such as the case of older homes, it almost becomes imperative, in my opinion if you want to be architecturally correct, to also have a matching door. And voila! - the perfect opportunity was born. Mahogany was our wood specie of choice, and we proceed to design and manufacture a custom garage door, matching our semi-custom Simpson entry door.

Since the existing garage door was sagging along with the front part of the hip roof due to the lack of proper structural elements, the initial idea was to only replace the garage door, and perhaps add a little curb appeal at the same time with a decorative roof over the new door. But in actuality, both the garage door and the entry door were in need of replacement. The front door was drafty in the winter, and since all the windows were already replaced, the entry door happened to be the last remaining item in need of a replacement.

A few additional details to the front porch area, such as new stone treads & stone caps over the existing brick, was suggested. For the garage, along with structural work, a new shed roof was proposed, covered with standing seams copper, along with two decorative brackets, matching the existing brackets & the details of the front porch. And finally, a few additional minor upgrades, some as new windows, new stone work, a new concrete slab and finally a new mechanical lift were included in the scope of work.

I think it's safe to say you'll agree that the results are a completely transformed curb appeal of this Larchmont classic home.



"Of all the renovations we have done since buying the house, this project might be the most satisfying.  We get to enjoy the improvements every time we pull into the driveway or walk through the front door.

Sylvain thinks of all the small details that make a big difference:  LED downlights on a timer synced to when the sun sets, LED motion lights mounted on the side of the house to illuminate the driveway, designing the front door and garage door to match (even custom matching seeded glass panels), custom building brackets under the copper roof to match the existing brackets at the front of the house.

We would never have guessed how big a difference new doors can make!  We’re constantly surprised so many visitors notice the difference."


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