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"Hi there. We live nearby but found your website a couple of years ago and loved your work since then. My wife's friend Becky in Chappaqua recently had a big kitchen re-model done by you too".

-  Paul Geaney, South Salem, NY.  12.28.12


"This is an amazing looking bar!!! The main reason I found you is you seem to be able to create a certain mood, and no one else has been able to bring that to the table"

-  Karrie Lindeman, Massapequa, NY.  12.05.12


Hi Sylvain,
I clicked through to your website and saw the Mildenhall [kitchen] renovation photos,
and I just HAD to write to say how beautiful it was!!
I knew you were very detail oriented, and I believe you are an excellent designer and contractor, but it was really nice to see the photographs, great photos actually, that so clearly highlighted just how much of an improvement this project was.
Well done! It is clearly a work of art."

-  Donna LoPinto, Print This!, Inc., Elmsford NY.  09.28.12


"We are impressed with the your firm's approach to basement remodels and design features."

-  Andrew & Jessie Paul, Bedford NY.  03.04.12


"You have a such wonderful website.  The before & after shots are dramatic."

-  Marianne Gordon, Office Manager, Stillwellstairs.com.  12.12.11


"...I think that you have much better skills than (...) especially as it pertains to visionary skills.

-  Pierre G. Randolph, Architectural Sales Representative, Andersen Windows.  09.29.11


"I would like to have a Murphy bed built. I would like a library style bed (book cases that slide apart to drop out bed). However, my husband and I both love the look of the wood and finishes of the Murphy bed you have listed. Can't wait to hear from you!"

-  Stacy Bell, Sterling, VA.  09.27.11


"The projects and quotes on your site reflect our taste and philosophy so please give me a call to arrange a meeting to discuss our project."

-  Jennifer R, Bronxville, NY.  06.15.11


"We would love for you to transform our basement and make it a welcoming place for the whole family and extra usable square footage. We would love an open floor plan that could include a tv area, play area and exercise area. I love the pictures of the desk and shelving below the stairs..."

- Carrie McGranahan, Larchmont, NY.  05.26.11


"This new basement looks amazing! If you didn't have the pictures you'd never believe it. You created a surprisingly awesome space."

- Jean Sheff, Editor, Westchester Family Magazine, 04.05.11


"Hello - I saw photos of your wine cellar on your site... Would you consider designing or consulting on a similar project at my home in Westchester? I love what you have done. All the major wine cellar companies are so expensive and the end products always look the same.  Yours is amazing and different.
I believe you are a photographer first, but if you do any design or consulting let me know, I would love to work with you.  Regards.

-  Sandy, Westchester, NY.  02.01.11


"Your portfolio is very impressive and even more so, inspiring."

- Marianne Denniston, LEED AP., Pound Ridge, NY.  11.08.10


"Your website is great, very friendly and lots of pictures."

- L.K., Stamford, CT.  10.24.10


"I am interested in knowing the brand or style of chandelier that is hanging over the dining table.  I have tried to find it on line with no luck. This is a very beautiful kitchen.

- Amy Millsaps.  05.21.10


"I know you are in Westchester County, but was wondering if you had any "friends" in the Rochester area whom you would recommend... LOVE your work and style!!!"

- Tanya S., Rush, NY.  04.12.10


"Hi...found your website through some green building links a while ago and your work looks great".

- Lucy Nersesian, NY NY.  01.26.10


"Hey Sylvain, I like your site.  The format is very sharp, crisp and inviting.  Easy to Navigate.  Of course the jobs look great.  Congratulations."

- John Kurowski, Kurowski.com  12.30.09


"Sylvain, Wow, love those projects – you are doing amazing work!!!  The before and after shots are unbelievable!"

- Jean Sheff, Chappaqua, NY. 12.28.09


"Hi there. We're looking to refinish our basement, and loved the advice and photos on your website.  Please contact me to discuss our project further.  Thank you."

- Marissa Latshaw, Redding, CT. 11.13.09


"I have looked at the Paul Stevelman, Lewisboro, NY master bath remodel and would like to know what the name of the granite and tile is.  I am impressed with how it turned out. So beautiful.  If you could please respond, it would help me with my own project. thank you in advance."

- Karen Henderson, Bulverde, TX. 06.11.09


"Thank you so much for responding.  I appreciate your information.  I am a bit disappointed because I have to say that of all the research I have done and designs I have seen, you are, by far, the best. I love the designs and read all the comments from your satisfied customers.  I was very excited at the prospect of working with you.

We are looking to do that bathroom and possibly our upstairs bathroom, as well.  If you find that you have some time, and can possibly come by to see if it is worth your while, please feel free to contact me!"

- Sandra Gomez, Peekskill, NY.  05.21.09


"Your newsletter is phenomenal!!!  I liked all the home humor and inspection nightmares especially....  Article on invest in your nest was great."

- Johnnie Sultanik, New Castle, NY. 04.14.09


"I checked out your website. The photos of the basement redo in Katonah are absolutely beautiful."

- Kim Touzeau, Katonah, NY.  03.24.09


I really like that wine cellar; looks enticing..."

- Anne Weprin, Chappaqua, NY.  03.03.09


"Beautiful presentation! Well done, you are truly talented!!!"

- Seema Boesky, Mount Kisco, NY.  02.27.09


"Sylvain...what beautiful work!  You are truly a master!

- Delia Camus, New Canaan, CT.  02.26.09


"Great stuff!  Just wanted you to know that you are listed in the Green Team on page 56 of the new March/April issue of Bedford Magazine.  They went to 8000 homes in Pound Ridge, Bedford, Katonah, and Bedford Hills."

- Jennifer Stahlkrantz, Editor Bedford Magazine, NY.  02.26.09


"Your work, as always, is fabulous. Thanks for sending"

- Dana Asher, Editor Westchester Home Magazine, NY.  02.26.09


"I always enjoy viewing your finished projects.  They look great!  Always something new, keep up the great work.

I will send you comments on the insulation and HRV system by the end of this week."

- Kelly Axelrod, Waccabuc, NY.  02.025.09


"I am very impressed with the mission kitchen in Goldens Bridge, Lewisboro, Westchester Co, NY kitchen. My question is where the dining room light fixture came from and if it is custom built or commercially available to purchase?"

- Don Miller, Norfolk, NE.  01.30.09


“Sylvain has made a commitment to green building that few others are willing to do. His personal house, an award winning green renovation, pushes the limits of sustainable construction while sacrificing neither aesthetics or functionality. He is a true leader who is dedicated to helping create a sustainable future.”

- Carl Seville, Green Building Curmudgeon, GA.  01.13.09


"I'd be very happy to discuss the projects and learn how you might be able to assist me in moving forward - I have certainly heard excellent reviews of your work and enjoyed perusing your portfolio.  - I look forward to hearing from you."

- Rusty Guinn, North Salem, NY.  09.15.08


"Unfortunately for me, you are not in my area to help out with my basement.  However, your website is fantastic and the before and after photos are so helpful.  My basement has the metal window wells outside (hideous!) and I was wondering...

Thank you ! I appreciate you sharing you talent!

- Loreen Witt, Cranberry Township, PA.  08.14.08


"I have waited for a few years to find a project i think might be a nice fit for your firm.  We are in the midst of scheduling a kitchen remodeling job and would like to talk to schedule you to have a look at it this job and timetables of any potential work.  Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

P.S. you still have the best website in your market!!

- Daniel Charest, Thornwood, NY.  07.21.08


"Your craftsman kitchens that are displayed on the internet are beautiful."

- Kevin Benhoff, Benhoff Builders, Baltimore, MD.  12.13.07


"Hi, Sylvain;  I looked at some of your images on "Best of the best".....
very impressive

- Paul Wyatt, Paul Wyatt Designs  Napa, CA.  12.05.07.


Nice newsletter.  Congrats on all your awards - well deservedThe house looks beautiful!"

- Jean Sheff, Editor, Westchester Family magazine, Harrison, NY.  11.28.07


"I had seen your home remodel previous to this and was so taken by the project.
You walk the walk when it comes to reuse and I applaud you for an environmentally and esthetically sensitive result.
PS  I decided to do nothing with my basement and wait till I can afford you."

- Charmian Gardiner, Rye, NY. 11.16.07


"I am blown away by... ...the work that you're doing... As the owner of a renovation company, specializing in historic restoration, I was struck by the passion of the Absolute Remodeling Company;  I felt a kinship for what you are striving for: creating habitable art, while leaving a small footprint on the land."

- Kara O'Brien, Laughing Sun Renovations, Atlanta, GA.  11.01.07


"Your work is beautiful and I'd like to find someone that you would personally recommend in this area.  Thanks!

- Marcy B., Goshen, NY.  10.23.07


"We have re-planned and planned and re-planned and planned and the contractors we talked to had no good ideas.  Then I went online to get ideas and I Googled “small master bathrooms” on Google Images and found your website.  I just fell in love with your work!!  Since we can’t use you, I just want to be able to hand the contractor we chose your plans so we can duplicate what you have done."

- Anonymous. 08.08.07


"We would like our master bedroom/bathroom to look just like your "South Salem Master Bath and bedroom"!  We love it.  We live in Buffalo, New York.  I'm assuming this is too long of a distance to hire your extremely talented company to do the work for us. (I viewed all of your work online!!)  Love it!

Thanks ahead of time I'm sure you guys are very busy."

- Teresa Schumacher, Buffalo, NY.  07.19.07


"First of all, you have a GREAT and very useful website.  My wife and I are in the process of looking for a home..."

- Daniel D,  NY. 07.17.07


"Thanks for the update, everything looks great.  I love the new logo!!"

- Jon D'Angelo, Mahopac, NY.  07.10.07


"Fantastic newsletter. Very impressive, thanks for sending it."

- Toby, Mahopac, NY.  07.10.07


"This is a great job with your newsletterVery well put together!  Kudos to you!!"

- Chuck Argo, Danbury, CT.  07.10.07


"I'm amazed at the work you've done.  I realize I live to far away for you guys to even take a look at the house, is there anyone in NJ you would recommend that I work with?

- Joseph Obligacion, South Plainfield, NJ.  05.23.07


"Hi, I had the pleasure of meeting Sylvain a year or so ago.  At the time we were looking at doing an attic remodel and timing just didn't work out.  We now are looking at a basement remodel. we had a finished basement but took on 4 feet of water during storm when sump pumps failed and lost everything.  We would be very interested in having Absolute look at this project.  I still believe your website, and the work that you have done is some of the best I have seen.  Thanks for the time."

- Daniel Charest, Thornwood, NY.  04.26.07


"Your site is amazing. Your work is a miracle. That pretty much says it.

- Tori Jarvis, Bonsall, CA.  03.20.07


"Sylvain, thanks for getting back to me.  It's a shame that you no longer work on apartments, because the jobs on your website are amazing.

- Jonathan Dascal, New Rochelle, NY.  02.05.07


"I am looking forward to meeting you to discuss ideas.  Your projects show a diversity of approach that gives me confidence that you can execute the elements I consider essential but still come up with ideas that improve my concept."

- Andrew Dexter, Weston, CT.  12.20.06


"I've come across your website numerous times over the past several months, always associated with green building and I share your passion.  My inquiry is regarding a home in Chappaqua my wife and I may decide to purchase...  ...I thank you for indulging me and for your informative website.  While there's an increasing amount of green building content on the web for new homes, there's very little for those of us in the existing homes market."

- John Hart, Chappaqua, NY.  12.20.06


"By the way, please use me as a reference for any of your clients who are considering upgrading to an efficient boiler and/or radiant heating. It is truly unbelievable."

- Anne Budlong, Somers, NY.  12.06.06


"Hi Sylvain,
Are you sure you can't help us :-)
okay, we're 40 miles away so it's definitely further than you want to go these days.  But the good news is that you apparently don't need a license in Orange County.  And our house is only three years old.  The basement is a walk-out and the rough plumbing is already installed;  it'll be so easy.  Well, I guess that could also be a bad thing; it might be so easy there's no challenge for you in doing it.
It's your own fault, you got us hooked with those great pictures on your web site. Are you sure you can't take a look?."

- Mark, Orange County, NY.  11.22.06


"If you know of any "Great" construction company in the Detroit area that you would recommend for finishing our basement and that could work with your blueprints/designs please let us know. YOUR WORK IS FABULOUS".

- N. K. Hakim, Franklin, MI.  11.03.06


"I love your web site, loved the quotes and feel like there is hope in my remodeling quest!  I'm in MA though- any suggestions or possibility of working with you?"

- Donna Pellegrino, Auburn, MA.  09.29.06


"Thank you Sylvain for responding to my inquiry.  I have been seeking a good contractor for the past few months and without any luck until now.  I have viewed work recently done from your company and was absolutely impressed."

- E. Foster, Mount Vernon, NY.  09.15.06


"Your designs are beautiful and timeless and I would have definitely contacted you to complete the whole package if we lived in your area.  Thank you for any information you can provide."

- Karen Cracraft, Elko, Nevada.  03.06.06


"I was very impressed with the work shown on your web site."

- Eric Gottfried, Hartsdale, NY.  .02.11.06


"I pray that you would consider this project as I found no other contractor with your flare for design."

- Kirby McCray, Bridgeport, CT.  02.01.06


"You have a wonderful website - much more information than any other site I've looked at."

- A. B., Fairfield, CT.  02.01.06


"I liked very much what I saw on you site and am looking forward to start investigating."

- Ludovic Collin, Larchmont, NY.  01.30.06


"This is an awesome website! I love the before and after pictures!"

- M. J. Mueller. 01.25.06.


"Your basement and kitchen remodels blew me away!  We are getting ready to finish our basement and do some remodeling in our kitchen. Your website gave me hope!  Can you recommend any remodelers in the Atlanta area?  Thank you."

- Erin Franklin, Marietta, GA.  01.01.06


"I was looking for the explanation of [the floor plan] symbols and this is the only site that said they have them and did.  Thank you!!"

- Dina Colon.  11.10.05


"I just looked through your portfolio and think your work is beautiful! Unfortunately, I'm in the Philadelphia area, which I assume is outside of your range. Are there any design/contractor firms you recommend in this area who do similar quality work?"

- Erin Mulder, Warrington, PA. 09.18.05


"I would like to know what company put your website together, it is very easy to navigate through and the layout is very viewer friendly..."

- Jessica, Dobbs Ferry, NY. 08.24.05


"Your work is beautiful!!!  I enjoy visiting your site.  I live in WV and wish that our local contractors were as design savvy.  They seem to only want to paint the world white!"

- Charlotte Spears, West Virginia. 08.16.05


"Greetings!  Let me begin by complimenting you on such beautiful work:  The
pictures speak for themselves!  My name is Ed..."

- Ed Aviles, Tri State Electric, NY.  07.18.05


"I just wanted to write in and say that your work looks GREAT!"

- Brian f. Watson, Drexel Hill, PA.  07.07.05


"...I'd be very interested in meeting with you to discuss our project.  I have looked at projects on your website many, many times and am always drawn back to your company although you may be located too far away..."

- Jacqueline Straus, Garden City, NY.  06.06.05


"...Thank you for your response and even though I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times I love your website."

- Tracie Spellman, Queens, NY.  05.31.05


"I am delighted to have come across tour site it is exactly what I was looking for and I'm sure I will refer to it again and again."

- Marian Phelan, ?.  05.01.05


...have been reviewing your website.  ...thought a lot of the examples you had listed on your site were terrific, and great for the price.   ...So that you can use as a barometer of what we are looking to do, my wife and I absolutely loved your "Larchmont Master Suite...  I look forward to speaking with you."

- Matthew Wiener, Bedford Hills, NY.  05.01.05


"I love your website.  I now wish my wife and I still lived in Westchester [County, NY]!
We currently live in Boston and were hoping you could answer a question..."

- Gregory Lengen, Scituate, MA.  4.26.05


"First, I'd like to say that you have a great website.  It is very well laid out, informative, and easy to navigate.  Empowering the prospective clients is a great way to gain trust from them."

- Waikuen Yee, Croton On Hudson, NY.  04.21.05


"Great Idea [the newsletter].  Using the internet and all it's benefits are truly innovative and I believe it puts you at the forefront of our industry.  Look forward to receiving more.  If I can be of help in the future, please let me know.  Your green house project is an inspiration and I enjoyed meeting with you and learning a few new things. The suspension system for the EH beams is cool and I personally like the style and decor you have planned for a house such as [the transformations project]."

- Richard Halvorsen, NYS Licensed Realtor, NYS Licensed Appraiser.  03.20.05


"Sly, nice newsletter.  Keep me on the list.  I see one of the homes we used for training is now complete.  BEAUTIFUL!!

- Steven J Courville, Albany, NY.  03.17.05


"Thank you Sylvain.  Looking at all the comments from across the country, you really need to think about franchising your craft! :o)
Remember, if you ever branch out this way, please keep me in mind. Have a great day!"

- Kirby McCray, Bridgeport, CT.  03.17.05


"This is such a tease because you can not work as far north as Bridgeport, CT.  You may not remember me but you came up and looked at our basement last year in Bridgeport, CT.
Please keep the newsletter coming who knows... you just might consider us after all.  :o) I have seen a lot of basements since then but NOTHING can compare to your work. We actually had a quote from Owens Corning and my neighbor had his basement done with them.. .it looks nice, but it can not compare to Absolute Remodeling!"

- Kirby McCray, Bridgeport, CT.  03.11.05


"Congratulations and thanks for a GREAT website.  The photos and tips have truly been inspirational.  We love the color of the basement remodel in the Easton Lower Level photos.  Do you have record of what color that is?"

- Doug & Shelly, ?. 09.20.04


"Saw your website over the weekend (via a Google search) and are very interested in speaking with you about taking a look at a remodeling job in the basement of a newly purchased home in Pelham, NY."

- Kevin Cullen, Pelham, NY. 09.18.04


"Awesome work! I was surfing the web looking for ideas as to how to do my own basement remodel and came across your site. The only thing is, I would suggest that you increase the size of the "before" the remodel images, and show them in color. That way, the web visitor can see for themselves just how huge an improvement your work is!"

- Rob Olsson, Brockton, MA, 09.18.04


"We have been visiting your web site almost every day, and have finally decided it is time to write.  Our dream is to redo the kitchen/storage and update our baths and laundry.  Seeing the work you have performed is not only inspiring in design, but extremely helpful with the information provided. We live in Darien, Ct and wondering if this is an area you would consider working? If so, please direct us to our next step!

- Tony and Brenda Gomes, Darien CT 07.02.04


"I love the pictures of the remodeled lower level / basement, can't wait for more I check back all the time.  I preparing for my own project.  Thanks Eric"

- Eric Schmidt, Manchester, CT. 06.29.04


"We live in Yonkers, which I know is far from you [It's not].  It's just that when a contractor includes in their advertisement a section called "When less is more," that contractor comes across to me as very honest, and puts the customer first.  If you only do high end work, could you recommend someone in my area.  Again, my compliments on the way you handle your business."

- Marie Piacente., Yonkers, NY.   06.28.04.


Your site is FANTASTIC! FINALLY a site with good before and after [pictures] and
PRICES! How often I have looked for "what is this remodel going to cost?"
and not found it.  And the floor plans, and descriptions....EXCELLENT!  I told
all my friends - and I am not even in NY!"

- Marie Gilbert, IL, 06.24.04

"By the way, your website is very impressive and professional. That is a good indicator of the quality of your work."

- Gregg Leff, Yorktown Heights, NY.  06.09.04


"You guys are amazingBeautiful work. Loved the newsletter too!"

- Jean Sheff, Chappaqua, NY.  05.26.04


"I was very impressed with the quality of work apparent on your website. The website shows a great sense of humor, too!"

- P.V., Crestwood, NY. 05.21.04


"Your web site is fantastic.  The shots of your kitchens are superb.  They certainly give a clear perspective on your company’s capabilities."

- Diana Stowell, Kitchen Designer, Crown Point Cabinetry, NH.  05.19.04


"Love the site - the examples of your work are most impressive."

- David McDonald, Chappaqua, NY.  05.07.04


"just wanted you to know what an AWESOME site you have. Probably the best I have yet to see!  I was searching for kitchen ideas and came across your site... great, great (renovation) work and very nice site. wow!"

- J Cole, Atlanta, GA.  04.27.04


"We are planning on remodeling this summer. I have already found some very important reading and great ideas. Thanks."

- Connie Cervera, CA. .4.18.04.


"I just wanted to tell you this is one of the nicest web sites I've visited your projects are beautiful."

- Jean Marden,  03.20.04.


"I am a remodeling contractor from Wisconsin currently serving in the U.S. Army Reserve in Afghanistan for the last 12 months. I found your web site while looking for examples (I want to develop one when I finally return to my business) and really like it. If you don't mind, I'd like to see your newsletters, too. Good Job!!"

- Robin Barnhardt, 02.29.04.


"Hello, first of all I wanted to echo the statements that I have seen on your site. Your work is exceptional in every way from design to build! I know your company is too far away to do the actual work on my home, but I was wondering if you are available for just the design and blueprints? I have several thing that I would like done and I think you have all the expertise to do it. So, let me know!"

- Michael Edwards, Port Tobacco, MD.  02.24.04.

"I found this site a few years ago. I bookmarked it because I loved all the basements you have completed. I knew one day I would work on our basement and the pictures would come in handy. I wish we had someone in our area who did such good work."

- Tina Wills, Bedford VA.  01.16.04.


"Your site is great!! F.Y.I. There's nothing else comparable coming up on the web when we search!"

- Cheryl Stanley, Ontario, Canada.  07.28.03



- Mike Foppiano, Majestic Kitchen, Mamaroneck NY.  07.25.03.


"My dad and I are in the process of remodeling my basement and we recently finished the bathroom section of it and are very proud.  After looking at your examples I have not only acquired some examples of things to try, but have regained my desire to remodel.  Great site.  Keep updating it."

- JP, PA.  07/25/03.


"We have been looking for a company like yours who will combine architectural design and construction...it has been a very very difficult search. I stumbled upon your web site during a search and I love everything I've seen..  I feel as if a prayer was answered."

- Roxanne Gilmer, NY.  06/03/03.


"WOW awesome site with sound effects and excellent graphics.  Photographs are also excellent.  Navigating the site is great and it is obvious why you received award for website.  Anyway, I really enjoyed exploring the site."

- Bob Geronimo, NY.  05/20/03.


"I happened across your website while searching for local remodeling/decorating companies.  I enjoyed it so much!  I clicked on every link.  I will definitely be contacting you for an estimate on an addition to my home.  I get the impression Absolute Remodeling is "top class" in quality workmanship and quality customer relationship."

- Marie P., Yonkers, NY.   04/27/03.

"Hello, I am form PA and am looking at the internet for basement remodeling ideas.  Just want to let you know that you're site is A#1 from pictures to paragraphs of info.  Nothing else even comes close.  Good Job!!!!!"

- Jeff.  PA.  04/24/03.

"I am beginning to think about improving my Manhattan Condo. I was so impressed by what I saw here. Thank you."

- Dana Cohen, New York, NY.  03/21/03.

"Wow! What a great Web site you've created!  The remodeling jobs you've displayed are quite attractive.  My husband and I are finishing our basement, and what great ideas I've gained from viewing your photos.  We live in Upstate New York and also in Connecticut--how I wish you were located Upstate where our project is.  I look forward to viewing any additions you may make to your site.  Thanks!"

- Sue Lavy, ???, NY.  03/03/03.


"Your website is phenomenal.  ...I LOVE the look of your work."

- Diana Safer, Larchmont, NY.  04/20/02.


"Thanks for the response.  I believe you did the remodel for a colleague of mine and it is clear that your work is top notch.

By the way--your web site is the best on the net for this sort of thing!  I run all Web technology for JPMorgan Fleming Asset Management, so I know a good site when I see one...
Many thanks for response".

- LJM, New York, NY.  04/01/02.


"I know we are not located in your area, but somehow HOPING you have a "brother" company in Massachusetts as your portfolio is beautiful and would love to work with your company. Thanks!"

- Janet Lavine, Roslindale, MA.  03/07/02.


"I have been searching the web for 2 days now, trying to find pictures of bathrooms to get some ideas.  We are building a new house, and are building a handicap accessible walk-in tile shower.  Your website is the only one that had decent pictures of bathrooms of any kind.  I just wanted to let you know." 

- No name left.  02/26/02.


"We live in upstate New York and in the process of building our new home. Could you refer us to a builder (remodeling co.) with similar credentials and reputation as yours? Your website photos are beautiful."

- The M. family, Buffalo, NY.  01/13/02.


"Your website rocks!!  It's one of the main reason why I want to finish my basement.  Keep up the great work!"

- Alex Melgoza, Salt Lake City, Utah.  12/31/01.


"We are very impressed with your work on the website, and would like you to come out to see the house and what we want to do."

- Gerry L. Ginsburg, Stamford , CT .  12/19/01.


"Hello: I have to compliment you on the excellent web site.  We are beginning the search for a contractor to remodel our basement, and your site is far and away the best collection of work I've seen.  
The "showroom" feature, with the before and after pictures and floor plans is absolutely first-rate, and we've used it to come up with some ideas for our own project.  It's no wonder you have so many satisfied customers.

- Ed Scofield, Stratford, CT.  11/30/01.

"Your site is very user friendly. Good work!  Keep it up!
With Best Regards."

- H.Niyaz.  10/16/01.

"I'm with Professional Remodeler Magazine (senior editor), and I just like to keep up with what's going on in the industry and with individual remodeling companies. Nice Web site!"

- Marjie O'Connor, housingzone.com.  10/12/01.

"Great newsletter!
Though we eventually decided not to go ahead with our basement remodeling project, I love receiving your newsletter and viewing the gorgeous pictures of your completed projects.  Wonderful work!
We will certainly keep Absolute Remodeling in mind should we EVER need any remodeling work... especially now that we know you can travel here to Fairfield"

- Cathy Curley, Connecticut.  09/20/01.

"Fabulous portfolio.  Great website."

- Donna Vincent.  07/03/01.

"Thank you for your prompt reply to my request.  Your website is absolutely stunning, exceptionally thorough, user friendly, informative... shall I continue?  We have yet to find anyone in the area with such a professional presentation online.  You had us sold!
We were therefore disappointed to hear that your project radius is ..."

- Cathy Curley, Connecticut.  05/27/01.


"I'd like to complement you on an outstanding website.  Very informative and well designed.  I only wish you were located in Chicago.  Here's my question ..."

- Rich Schurr, Oak Park, Il.   04/03/01.

"This is the best site I've seen for before and after pictures of basements. Your site has given my wife & I many new ideas on our basement remodeling project. Although we'll be doing the project ourselves (I've rebuilt several homes, including an attic that looks similar to your example), and can't use you for that, We'll be checking back for more tips and more before and after pics. Thanks again."

- Mark & Sally Resetar.  02/21/01.

"Dear Absolute Remodeling,
What a Wonderful Web site!  I just had to say your web site is fabulous!  So many great pictures!  My husband and I just purchased a new home that is 3 years old.  It has a 596 square foot basement that is plumbed for a bathroom, but not finished.  We have thrown around the idea of making into a "master suite" type bedroom!  Your site has given me the "Hurry up's"!

- Marie Morgan, Denver, Colorado.  01/30/01.


"I'd just like your quick opinion on the question...."4mil plastic as a vapor barrier?   where to place....living space of stud wall?  backside of stud wall?  draped over block/masonry wall?  Or no vapor barrier at all?  Your professional expertise would be greatly appreciated.
Your website is a very informative and beautiful showcase of your past projects.  Congratulations on your past success and future.  Thank-you,"

- Stephen P. Brown.   01/24/01.


"Hi.  I visited your website and was very much enlightened by the information.
We are planning to finish about 1200 sf of basement area.  Can you recommend any one in DC or Suburban Maryland who can provide the same high quality work at reasonable cost as you?  Our home is located in Gaithersburg, MD, Montgomery County.  Thanks,"

- Connie Antonio.  01/15/01.

"I Saw your website, awesome collection of well-carried out projects.
I have never seen anything like it before. This is truly one of the useful things to use the internet for. Will use some ideas for my own remodeling.
Thanks for maintaining this very inspiring website."

- Mikkel Sloth Nielsen.  10/25/00.


I really liked your "Kitchen Tips" information area.   It gave comparisons like no other companies take the time to do."

- Rick Opilla, San Jose, California.   09/28/00.


"The best bath remodels I've seen on the web!  Outstanding work!"

- Deborah Albericci, Fort Lee, New Jersey.   7/30/00.


"I am interested in finishing my basement and came across your web site.  I found it very informative AND impressive, unfortunately I live in Atlanta!
Do you have an office here or can you recommend someone?"

- Phil Reid, Atlanta, Georgia.   7/24/00.


"I have found very little information about finishing basements until I found your site."

- Judy, Greenville, Indiana.  03/18/00.


"Really great job on this web site!!   As a Westchester remodeler myself, It's great to see such accurate, timely and professionally done information going out to customers.  Your web site adds another level of professionalism our industry desperately needs.  Best wishes"

- Eric Messer, Sunrise Building & Remodeling Inc, Briarcliff, NY.  02/13/00.


"I love you guys!  Can't believe I saw everything I wanted!   We live in Tinley Park Illinois could you please give us some recommendations of who to contact out here!  Your work is beautiful!"

- Ken, Tinley Park, Illinois.  02/03/00.


"Good morning, everyone at AR,
I landed on your web site.  It is great.  Fun tips and good ideas.   That is a good combo.
I'm the author of 'The complete garage organizer guide' and..."

- Bill West, Fort Collins, Colorado.  01/30/00.


"Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!
Your Web site is helpful, friendly, informative and fun.  What a refreshing source of information.  We are renovating a small bathroom in our Vermont home and your tile insights "laid" it out perfectly for us.
I really love the flushing sound as well.  My kids got a kick out of it.

- David Dunn, Vermont.  01/01/00.


"I found your site while looking for info on basements (I'm designing a site for a waterproofing firm) and I just had to take a second to tell you how very impressed I am with the site design.   Very pro looking, easy to navigate.
I live in an apartment in central NJ, but after seeing your site
and the work you do I wish I owned a house.  I'm so happy that you take enough pride in your company to put a lot of effort into your site.  You have no idea how many 'professional' contractors have cheap 'homepage' looking  sites.


- Ronald Henry Olsommer, New Jersey.  12/16/99.


What a great web site! We just bought a new house and will need to remodel our basement to claim the additional living space.  I thought I'd have to live with a basement that felt 'basement-y', but after viewing the work you've done, I'm optimistic!  I only wish you were located in Chicago!"

- Tracy Maurstad, Chicago, Michigan.  12/12/99.


"linked from Remodeler's Advantage, referred as a 'high quality web-site', I agree.  Very Informative and user friendly.  Keep up the good work."

- John L. Sullivan, San Diego, California.  12/12/99.


"One of the best web sites I have ever seen.  Having a web site myself, I have been thinking of making changes to it.  I found a lot of good ideas from your site.  Tell your webmaster to keep up the good work.  God Bless and take care."

- Richard Strickler, Leesburg, Virginia.  12/01/99.


I was truly impressed with your 'before & after' photos!   I can't wait for my husband to see them."

- Michele Lemly, Fleetwood, North Carolina.  11/29/99.


"Your web site is more helpful than the dozens of remodeling publications that I've bought in the last year!"

- Elizabeth Glover, Highland Mills, New York.  11/15/99.


"I was just browsing the web...looking for tips on refinishing my basement....when I came across your site. What a great site it is! Thanks for the great tips and articles."

- Rick, New Jersey.  11/11/99.


"We are beginning to plan a big redo and find ourselves overwhelmed.  Your site is a God send."

- Susan Enlow, Lancaster, Ohio.   10/17/99.


"We love our home.  We love the location.  But we need far too many repairs.   Bathrooms, Kitchen.  Sun porch, all needs work.  At a time when finances are low.  So we are dreaming.  Who knows.  Your site has been wonderful and inspiring for the dream."

- Ken & Marcia Kallon, Stamford, Connecticut.  6/24/99.


"Loved your site.  I wish that I could find someone like you in the state of Kansas.   Any suggestions?  I still need information about basement remodeling.   After looking at your site, I know we will be able to do it.
Thanks for the inspiration!"

- Gina Clark, Harper, Kansas.  7/16/99.


"I found your web site informative, and appealing .  I have to say its the best I have seen for remodeling.  Good work."

- John E Harris.  3/18/99.


"... Most impressive web site, very professional and inviting"

- Brian Tucker, McMinnville, Tennessee.   3/4/99.


"I just got done reading my November/December 1998 issue of Building Products and read about your web site.  I got on the web and found your site.  It is great.  I am the office manager of a remodeler in Lincoln, Nebraska and we are debating the web page idea.  I just wanted to let you know I liked you web site!!"

- Heather Marquis, K-West Construction.   2/19/99.


"... I work in Greenwich and would be interested in...  ...I was quite taken with your web site - it communicated your values, ethics, integrity and quality orientation."

- Curtis Ehrgott, Greenwich, Connecticut.   1/27/99.


"First, I want to tell you that I am very impressed with your web site. It does everything a web site should - but most web sites fall far short of.
I am in the process of buying a ..."

- Helaine M. Uliano, CPA, Ossining, New York. 1/17/99.


"After leaving my detailed message within your inquiry response area, I took a better look at your site, and I feel that I ought to let you know that I think it is extremely well done and a definite credit to the industry.   Regards,

- Bill Walls, Pres., Durham Basement Technologies Inc., Ontario. 11/12/98.


"I went back to your web site to check it out more thoroughly.  It IS a very good site."

- Robert Ladd, Homeowner [and now customer], Chappaqua, NY. 6/24/98.


"Took another look through the web site as soon as I got to work. Really terrific.
Maybe you shouldn't be limiting
ConAd to construction related web development. Good web site development does not always require expertise in the business of the site owner. You could do some great things for any variety of businesses."

- Michael Weprin, President of Bridgecom International, Mt Kisco, NY.


"...we are impressed with your web site and are willing to investigate what you have to offer..."

- Jeffrey & Christine Abromowitz, homeowners, Yorktown Hts., NY.


"Sylvain, what a dynamic site! It's great! I agree with the art director who said that your site is an example of how they should look. I'm going to call up your site and show it to our staff in our Big 50 meeting."

- Jill Tunick, Senior Editor, Remodeling magazine.


"I saw your web site -- very impressive.   I would like to talk to you about a basement finishing and a deck... ...Going over your completed basement projects, the specifications & floor plans helped me quite a bit with the design -- Before browsing your web site, I had no idea of what I wanted. I now know how I want the basement to look like."

- Devin Keane, homeowner [and now customer], Lewisboro, NY.


"Two or three words won't do it though. I think the site is very well put together.  Navigation is clear and always present and look and feel friendly.
It is very professional and clean, the icons are cute and catchy, the design is consistent, and the information given is abundant and thorough.
Did you do your own images? They really are good. The site is fun to go to...
I really do think you have the important factors down in designing a site. If this is your first attempt it is a good one! Keep up the good work!"

- Carmen D Marano, web sites designer.


"I just saw the page proof of my column, and the art director is showing your home page to illustrate it. So, you'll likely see some increased traffic, if only from remodelers who want to see what a really good site looks like.
Thank you for your thoughtful comments, and for the work you put into a fine site. I'm happy to be able to bring it the attention it deserves."

- Ann Marie Moriarty, senior editor, Remodeling On Line.


"Congratulations on your very professional looking web-site. I am Stuart Newsome, the principal of J.S. Newsome Construction Inc. I see that you have invested considerable time and effort in building your Web Site. I would appreciate it if you could tell me in general terms whether it has been worth the effort and if you getting a return on your investment."

- J.S. Newsome, J.S. Newsome Construction Inc.


"Lance told me to see your web site. It is very well planned out. I will tell my parents to look here when they do remodeling. This is Joe Prisco From the Bronco's #32."

- Joe Prisco, Junior high school student.



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