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Absolute Green Homes, Inc has been finishing basements and taking them to a new level in the Westchester county for over 20 years.  After experimenting and more importantly perfecting our systems and techniques, we are proud to say we that can solve the most flood prone basements.  Any home can be retrofit with minimal exterior disruption.  No matter the age or the conditions of the foundations, including old stone foundations, we can help.  No matter how high the water table is, we can help.  Even in the event of a power outage, we can still guarantee you dry basement.  In fact, not only will your basement not get wet, but the level of humidity in the air will be equivalent or even below the floors above, all year round.

With our recent overwhelming success  (read testimonials) of all of our basements staying dry with the latest storm, the now infamous April 15th, 2007 Nor-Easter that dumped 8" of rain in less than 24 hours, and more recently Hurricane Sandy, we thought it was the perfect timing to make known how our complete systems can not only bring you peace of mind and a permanent solution, but additional living space equally and often superior to the living quarters above.  A few other benefits worth mentioning are extra headroom, heat underneath your feet (where it belongs), and high indoor air quality for better health.  And that translates into the most popular areas for the entire family to gather and spend quality time together. 
Here how it works:
The homeowner must agree to all of the recommendations provided by us, which can greatly vary in each case;  After an initial consultation, each basement is evaluated and a set of permanent solutions are specified.  If the homeowner agrees to have the all the work performed as recommended, the lifetime warranty can be purchased for as little as $100.  You must also buy a yearly service contract of $100 per year, which covers an annual inspection necessary to test all mechanical equipment and also to verify site conditions.
The lifetime warranty will be valid as long as the homeowner owns and occupy the home, providing that they pay the annual $100 fee on a timely basis.  In case the home is sold, the warranty can be transferred to the new homeowner, providing that they also pay the one time $100 fee and the annual service fee.
In the unlikely event of a wet basement, we will perform all the repairs at our expenses, period.  Flooding must be directly related to rain and/or high water table;  If toilet, tub, sink, dishwasher, heating water baseboard, radiant hydronic heat or any other indoor water source fails, whether on basement level of from floor above, the warranty does not apply Absolute Remodeling Corp keeps the right to turn down certain projects due to extreme conditions, such as a home built in very low-lying area, and/or already officially designated as a flood-prone location.
Let's face it:  Extreme weather is here to stay, and the frequency can only increase;  There is little we can do about that, but there is a lot we can do on choosing to pay or not (pay now or pay dearly later) for the consequences.  What's to loose?  Sleepless nights mopping dirty water and throwing valuables away the next day, that is what you will be loosing.

Experience the
Now, not after it happens again.


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