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"don't build bigger than you need.
better to stay small and spend any extra on the details."

- Rick O'Leary, designer,   More Quotes Please!


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The ALL New 1812 Modern Farmhouse
This farmhouse, located in Westchester NY has been completely renovated while retaining its original architectural integrity.
   Curb Appeal
Both the garage door and the entry door were replaced. A new copper roof was added to the garage. Add a few additional minor upgrades to the project, and the results are a completely transformed curb appeal of this Larchmont home.
   The Beach House Retrofit Project
Once a popular gathering place known as The Beach House, this 1932 home was quickly fading away and falling in disrepair. It is now completely restored, preserved and retrofitted, and recently just earned LEED platinum level certification.
   Contemporary, Cozy Chappaqua
"We now have a stunning and utterly unique kitchen, family room and mudroom that blows everyone away who enters. Visitors are so surprised to hear we didn’t add one foot onto the house’s original footprint: all that space was already there."  - Rebecca Mildenhall, Chappaqua.
This multiple award winning lakefront home did inherit an additional floor while keeping the same footprint.
View 100+ photographs of this
5˝ Energy Star certified green home.
Waccabuc Small Addition
Although this addition is small in size (10' X 10'), it's easy to see why the benefits are large.
Larchmont Full Remodel
This new reconfigured custom Craftsman kitchen is only just one feature of this entirely remodeled home, sensitively updating a very old house to today's standards and lifestyle.

The project includes rebuilding several rooms and/or areas, all four bathrooms, the wet basement and all the mechanicals. 

   Scarsdale Whole House Remodel
This inviting kitchen is only a "small part" of a major whole house remodel, incl. 4 bathrooms, new HVAC, whole-house insulation, and many more features making this old colonial home energy efficient and its occupants comfortable.
   White Plains Kitchen
A better title would be "EXTREME MAKEOVER".  No simple facelift here.  The entire first floor has been given a new look, a new identity.  That's how you make yourself feel and look better.  Love yourself and your family.  Now that's Healthy.


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